Grapplebag Techniques

24 techniques for the duvide Grapplebags

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Pullpushrope Techniques & Workouts

60 Techniques + 6 Programs for the duvide Pullpushrope - print out the PDFs

Pullpushrope Workouts: For the PDF-file click here. For the countdown-timer click here.

Wo #1
Wo 2#
Wo #3
Wo #4
Wo #5
WO #6
Countdown-timer as video file

Pullpushrope Techniques

Side lunge
Toes-up side lunge
Overhead squat
Squat with overhead stretch
Single-leg squat
Crossing side lunge
Single-leg squat with hop
Abducted Balance lunge
Suspended lunge
Balance lunge with hop
Balance lunge
Suspended lunge with hop
Suspended abducted lunge
Overhead torso twist
Wide torso rotation
Suspended crossing lunge
Rope rowing
Standing hip pull-push
Incline rope climbing
Rope paddling
Standing pull-down
Asymmetric biceps pull
Single-arm chest pull
Single-arm neck pull
Single-arm deltoids pull
Single-arm long body pull
Standing roll-out
Throw-in pull-push
Rope towing
Pull through
Neck pull
Suspended kick-flex
Single-arm chest push
Single-leg plank
Single-leg pull-through
Side plank with reach
Horizontal pull-push plank
Side plank with hip push
Suspended donkey pull-push
Horizontal pull-push & crunch
Suspended clap push-up
Single-leg single-arm plank
Suspended single-leg push-up
Suspended push-up
Suspended crunch on hands
Suspended push-up & crunch
Suspended inclined leg-down push-up
Suspended push-up & crunch
Suspended jack-knife
Suspended incline push-up
Cross leg & hip stretch
Calf stretch
Suspended pendulum
Long torso-twist stretch
Lower back stretch
Side leg stretch
Frontal leg stretch
Neck & shoulder stretch
Short torso-twist stretch

Ropejumprope Techniques - videos

Overview of skipping and swinging techniques for duvıde Ropejumprope with video clips of 5-15 seconds

Find the workouts for the Ropejumprope here.


Jump with closed feet back and forth. [Large Video]

Bell criss-cross

Jump with closed feet back and forth while criss-crossing arms. [Large Video]


Jump on your toes one jump pointing outside the next pointing inside. [Large Video]


Thrust heels to buttocks alternately. [Large Video]

Butt-kick criss-cross

Thrust heels to buttocks alternately while criss-crossing arms. [Large Video]


Jump on one foot and kick other foot as high as possible in front. [Large Video]

Closed-feet criss-cross

Keep feet & knees together. Jump only high enough to let rope pass while criss-crossing arms. [Large Video]

Closed-feet max-speed

Keep feet & knees together. Jump as fast as possible only high enough to let rope pass. [Large Video]

Closed-feet skip

Keep feet & knees together. Jump only high enough to let rope pass. [Large Video]

Criss-cross backward

Two closed feet jumps backward than one jump with crossed arms. [Large Video]

Crissfront-crossback hop

Do a side swing then cross with one arm in front and the other in back. [Large Video]


Jump with closed-feet 3 times then do 1 double-under. [Large Video]

Figure-8-swing double-hand

Swing rope in front with closed forearms describing the figure 8. Movement comes from the hip. [Large Video]

Figure-8-swing single-hand

Swing rope in front with both handles in one hand describing a figure 8. Movement comes from the hip. Change hands after 30 seconds. [Large Video]


Jump with closed feet and rotate the rope by moving your forearms up and down with steady wrists. [Large Video]


Hold both handles in one hand, bend over and swing the rope parallel to the ground and jump over it. Change hands after ten jumps. [Large Video]


Rotate the rope with closed forearms over your head. Change direction after 10 rotations. [Large Video]


Jump from one foot to other only high enough to let the rope pass. [Large Video]

Jog-trot criss-cross

Jump from one foot to other while criss-crossing arms. [Large Video]


Jump spreading and closing legs sideways. [Large Video]

Jumping-Jack criss-cross

Jump spreading and closing legs sideways while criss-crossing arms. [Large Video]


Jump on each foot two times, every other jump swing for a kick. [Large Video]

Kick-step criss-cross

Jump on each foot two times, every other jump swing for a kick while criss-crossing arms. [Large Video]


Alternately pull one knee to chest with low intermediate jump inbetween. [Large Video]


Jump on one foot and swing other leg back and forth as far as possible. Change legs after 5 jumps. [Large Video]

Lunges with side-swing

Do a left right side swing then go down into a lung with one leg back, go up do one regular jump do a side swing and go down with other leg back... [Large Video]


Move stretched out arms up and down like signaling someone. Movement comes solely from shoulders. [Large Video]


Swing your legs sideways alternately [Large Video]

Push-up jump

Do 3 closed feet jumps, bend forward in order to spread the rope flat on the ground. Get down for one push-up. Get up and continue jumping 3 times... [Large Video]


Lift legs as if running on spot. [Large Video]

Run-step criss-cross

Lift legs as if running on spot while criss-crossing arms. [Large Video]


Jump spreading legs to front and back. [Large Video]

Scissors criss-cross

Jump spreading legs to front and back while criss-crossing arms. [Large Video]


Jump sideways from one foot to other. [Large Video]

Side-step criss-cross

Jump sideways from one foot to other while criss-crossing arms. [Large Video]

Side-swing criss-cross

Jump and swing rope one time on left side on second swing criss-cross arms and swing rope one time. Continue side-swing on right side. [Large Video]


Jump 10 times on each leg. [Large Video]

Single-feet criss-cross

Jump on one leg while criss-crossing arms. Change leg after 3 times criss-crossing. [Large Video]


Jump with closed feet from one side to other. [Large Video]

Slalom criss-cross

Jump with closed feet from one side to other while criss-crossing arms. [Large Video]


Jump as slowly as possible with closed feet without intermediate jump. [Large Video]

Speedy short-step

Lift your feet alternately only high enough to let the rope pass. [Large Video]

Speedy short-step criss-cross

Lift your feet alternately only high enough to let the rope pass while criss-crossing arms. [Large Video]


Alternate high knee with each rotation. [Large Video]


Start by jumping with closed feet. With 3 jumps go down into squat. Stay there for 5-10 jumps then go up again. [Large Video]

Swing-change f/b w. half-turn

Jump forward, do a side-swing & pivot 180 degree. Now jumping backward 3 times. When the rope is swinging upwards, turn again 180 degree and continue jumping forward 3 times... [Large Video]


Jump on tiptoes with closed feet. [Large Video]

Tiptoe-skip criss-cross

Jump on tiptoes with closed feet while criss-crossing arms. [Large Video]


Jump with closed feet while twisting hip from one side to other. [Large Video]

Twister criss-cross

Jump with closed feet twisting hip from one side to other while criss-crossing arms. [Large Video]

Ropejumprope Workouts

10 Workouts for the duvide Ropejumprope with intensity scores (IS) from 18 to 25 points

Click on images to access the countdown timer for each workout and full description with videos!

Workout # 1 - IS 18
Workout # 2 - IS 19
Workout # 3 - IS 20
Workout # 4 - IS 21.5
Workout # 5 - IS 22
Workout # 6 - IS 22.5
Workout # 7 - IS 23
Workout # 8 - IS 23.5
Workout # 9 - IS 24
Workout # 10 - IS 25


  • Each workout consists of 6 different jump rope techniques for the duvıde Ropejumprope.
  • There is always one minute of jumping and 30 seconds rest between each technique. After every finished cycle there is a rest of 90 seconds.
  • The ">>" brackets mean forward jumping and "<<" backward jumping (red and green add even more visual).
  • All techniques have an intensity grade from 1-6 where 1 is the lowest (just swinging the rope) and 6 the highest grade (e.g squat-skip). Darker shade of yellow also indicates higher intensity.
  • Each workout has an accumulated intensity score where WO # 2 ist relatively more difficult than WO # 1, etc.
  • The techniques list can also only be used as a guideline of what technique to practice or as a suggestion to put together your own WO.
  • Watch the videos of the Ropejumprope techniques here.
  • The WOs can also be printed out by using these pdf-files.
  • If you have questions or suggestions please contact me here.
  • Order your duvide Ropejumprope here.


50 techniques + variations -- (Contact me if you are interested in the jump ropes used here)

1 Jog-step

Jog-step image
Variations: forward, overhand, criss-cross, criss-cross overhand, criss-cross backward

2 Speedy Short-step

Speedy-short-step image
Variations:  forward

3 Run-step

Run-step image
Variations:  forward, criss-cross, criss-cross backward, arms-cross backward

4 Closed-feet Skip

Closed-feet-skip image
Variations: overhand, criss-cross, arms-crossed, backward

5 Slow-hop

Slow-hop image
Variations: forward, overhand

6 Kick-step

Kick-step image
Variations: forward, overhand, criss-cross, criss-cross overhand

7 Can-can

Can-can image
Variations: forward, overhand

8 Sprint-step

Sprint-step image
Variations: forward, criss-cross, backward, overhand backward

9 Butt-kick

Butt-kick image
Variations: forward, overhand, criss-cross, arms crossed

10 Legs Criss-cross

Legs-criss-cross image
Variations: forward, criss-cross arms

11 Side-step

Side-step image
Variations: forward, criss-cross

12 Slalom

Slalom image
Variations: forward, criss-cross, overhand

13 Bell

Bell image
Variations: forward, overhand, criss-cross

14 Jumping-jack

Jumping-jack image
Variations: forward, criss-cross, overhand

15 Scissors

Scissors image
Variations: forward, overhand, criss-cross

16 Knee-to-chest

Knee-to-chest image
Variations: forward, overhand

17 Knee-to-shoulder

Knee-to-shoulder image
Variations: forward, overhand

18 Twister

Twister image
Variations: forward, overhand, criss-cross, overhand criss-cross, flapping overhand

19 Side-swing Criss-cross

Side-swing Criss-cross image
Variations: jog-step, run-step

20 Crissfront-crossback hop

Crissfront-crossback image
Variations: forward

21 Leg-swing

Leg-swing image
Variations: forward, leg change

22 Squat-skip

Squat-skip image
Variations: forward, overhand, double-under, arms crossed, criss-cross, backward

23 Push-up jump

push-up-jump image
Variations: forward overhand

24 Tiptoe-skip

Tiptoe-skip image
Variations: forward, overhand

25 Heel-skip

Heel-skip image
Variations: forward, overhand

26 The Duck

The-duck image
Variations: forward, overhand forward, overhand backward

27 Leg-to-front

Leg-to-front image
Variations: forward

28 Leg-to-back

Leg-to-back image
Variations: forward

29 Arms-to-side

Arms-to-side image
Variations: forward, overhand, overhand backward

30 Arms-to-front

Arms-to-front image
Variations: forward, overhand, overhand backward

31 Arms-to-back

Arms-to-back image
Variations: forward, overhand, overhand backward

32 Hollow-back

Hollow-back image
Variations: forward

33 Shoulder-pull

Shoulder-pull image
Variations: forward

34 Arms-X

Arms-X image
Variations: forward, overhand

35 Flapping

Flapping image
Variations: overhand

36 Marshaller

Marshaller image
Variations: forward

37 Cranking

Cranking image
Variations: forward left hand, forward right hand, backward

38 Quarter-rope

Quarter-rope image
Variations: forward, folding the rope

39 Bowlegs-knockknees

Bowlegs-knockknees image
Variations: forward, overhand

40 Pretzel

Pretzel image
Variations: forward

41 Double-under

Double-under image
Variations: forward, overhand, with intermediate jump

42 Double-under Criss-cross

Double-under Criss-cross image
Variations: with intermediate jump, 5 jump intervals

43 Double-under Chest-tuck

Double-under Chest-tuck image
Variations: forward, overhand

44 Double-under Butt-tuck

Double-under Butt-tuck image
Variations: forward

45 Double-under backward

Double-under backward image
Variations: every jump, with intermediate jump

46 Double-under Arms-X

Double-under Arms-X image
Variations: 5 jump intervals, with intermediate jump

47 Double-under Single-leg

Double-under Single-Leg image
Variations: forward

48 Triple-under

Triple-under image
Variations: forward

49 Swing-change forward-backward

Swing-change forward to backward image
Variations: side-swing & half-turn, full stop

50 The Frog

The Frog image
Variations: forward