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  • Shipping with Thailand Post using "ePackets" (up to 2 kg, airmail, trackable, insured)
  • Delivery time 3 to 14 working days
  • Customs may apply!

3 sizes for body height
155 - 170 cm Bodyheight
(base size 165 cm)
M (265 cm *)
171 - 185 cm Bodyheight
(base size 180 cm)
L (280 cm *)
186 - 200 cm Bodyheight
(base size 195 cm)
XL (295 cm *)
* combined rope-length measured until top part of duvide logo
Please state at the PayPal page if you want to order M, L or XL size!
Custom length USD5.00 extra
Simple calculation for rope length: Bodyheight in cm + 100. Assumed you are 173 cm tall, the optimum rope length would be 273 cm (measured until top part of logo, without the loops). Please add the USD5.00 at the PayPal check-out page with your desired rope length!
Folded up. No clutter!
Finger loop-handle
Swivel bearings
3 sizes
Detachable handles
Temporary shortening possible
Replaceable middle-section
  • Use with my jump rope workout programs!
  • Requiring more upper body strength than any weighted rope due to the longish rope and the strong pull of centrifugal force (but weighs only 0.33 kg)
  • Thick middle-section forces to jump higher than with a thin rope
  • Swivel bearings prevent winding-up of rope
  • Allows for many techniques being jumped forward or backward in addition to swinging exercises
  • Simple handling feels like jumping in slow-motion to easily practice more advanced techniques & coordination
  • Can be packed up compactly and stored and carried around without clutter
  • Extra durable PVC hose middle-section for foot and floor contact which can be replaced
  • Loop handles machine-washable

Loopjumprope B

Handles: Ø 19 mm pipe rope
Middle-section: Ø 31 mm PVC-hose (inside 25 mm / 1")
Weight: 0.33 kg
Sizes: M, L, XL
Folding-up the Loopjumprope
1. Fold pipe rope at swivel
2. Pull rope & hose through finger-loops
3. Pull until center & turn around
4. Pull other side over
5. Logos facing outside
6. Fold rope at buckle & push into opposing side of hose
7. Push in ca. 1 cm
8. Push swivel back
9. Finsh by pushing 2nd buckle in
Some double unders with a preliminary version of Loopjumprope
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