Ropejumprope Workout # 1 - Intensity Score 18

6 jump rope techniques for the duvıde Ropejumprope with intervals of one minute jumping and 30 seconds rest (1/10)

Count-down timer on YouTube (to download from Google Drive to your phone or tablet click here)


Workout with each technique as video clip incl. description

Jumping directions: >> = forward | << = backward | >< = forward & backward | ∞ = swinging

a   Jog-trot
Intensity  2.5  Direction  >>

Jump from one foot to other only high enough to let the rope pass.

b   Butt-kick
Intensity  4  Direction  >>

Thrust heels to buttocks alternately.

c   Closed-feet skip
Intensity  2.5  Direction  <<

Keep feet & knees together. Jump only high enough to let rope pass.

d   Scissors
Intensity  4  Direction  >>

Jump spreading legs to front and back.

e   Figure-8-swing single-hand
Intensity  1  Direction  ∞

Swing rope in front with both handles in one hand describing a figure 8. Movement comes from the hip. Change hands after 30 seconds.

f   Marshaller
Intensity  4  Direction  >>

Move stretched out arms up and down like signaling someone. Movement comes solely from shoulders.

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