The mother of all jump ropes - Total body training rope for jumping & swinging

The duvide Ropejumprope weighs only about 0.7 kg but it is more demanding than any other weighted rope. Its strong pull and lengthy rope requires more upper body strength and the thick (3.1 cm) middle section makes you jump higher than with a regular skipping rope. It allows for many techniques being jumped forward or backward and also swinging exercises.
To get most out of the Ropejumprope I recommend following my free workouts for it.


  • Strong Pull - heavy rope/PVC-hose middle-section with strong centrifugal force
  • Authentic rope grip - safe overhand grip even with sweaty hands or with gloves
  • Flexible central swivel - criss-crossing the rope feels more natural 
  • Simple handling - feels like jumping in slow-motion which makes it easy to practice advanced techniques & coordination
  • Durable middle section - extra PVC part for floor and feet contact (if worn off, can be replaced)
  • Optimal length for all body heights - steplessly adjustable with buckle


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Compact weight vest 8 kg / 12 kg

  • High center of gravity - maximum range of motion for arms and core
  • Balanced - weight evenly spread on chest & back
  • Adjustable - shoulder straps can be adjusted in length
  • Supple weight - filling weights conform to body shape
  • Tight-fit - no tottering, handstand push-ups are possible
  • Breathable - open construction prevents heat accumulation
  • Durable & low maintenance - can be dropped & is washable


  • Weight compartment: Fabric re-enforced heavy-duty drainage hose, UV-resistant
  • Lashing system: Tension belt to fasten with knots (no Velcro or buckles)
  • Bolts: M5 stainless steel
  • Weight:
    8 kg (Lead shot in felt pouch)
    12 kg (Lead shot)

Range of use

  • Weighted body-weight training
  • Uphill & stair running training
  • Cycling
  • etc.
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