Training gear for jumping, boxing, pulling/pushing and much more for fit and strong!

Watch many more products coming soon...

  • Ropejumprope

    Easy to jump true heavy rope for jumping & swinging for total body training - including duvide Ropehanger

  • Bodyload

    Compact & durable weight vest (8 kg / 12 kg) filled with lead-shot - with adjustable shoulder-straps

  • Grapplebags M & L

    Unique training weight-bags with rope handles (12 kg & 20 kg) - incl. Bagback carrier-system

  • Limbobelt

    Slip-in harness for full-body hip rotations and body floating - incl. loops and carabiners

  • Strapedals

    Aluminum pedals with diagonal pedal-straps for strong grip with regular cleatless shoes

  • Combiloops

    Lightweight Sling/suspension trainer consisting only of loops - no pesky buckles or velcro

  • Rope-ends vertical / horizontal & Loop-ends

    Grip attachments for horizontal, vertical or around the wrist holds - for bar, ceiling hooks or sling trainer

  • Pullpushrope

    Real rope suspension trainer with foot cradle - including free workout programs

  • Spanbasket

    Elastic bicycle basket to span between stem & seat post - available in 3 colors