Inverse hanging set for ceiling - including Loop-ends for towel grip hold and ceiling hooks

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Use duvıde Batstraps for

  • Suspend body by hanging from your feet like a bat
  • Joints of back will be stretched and decompressed
  • Increases oxygen flow to brain
  • Many different suspension variations


Batstraps set includes:

Webbing/pipe rope combination to tie around feet & ankle

Loop-ends for supported towel grip hold

10 mm hooks incl. anchor (3/4" or 19 mm)

Needle felt to protect the ceiling (incl. plugs and screws)


The ceiling needs to be around 220 cm to 240 in order to reach the hand loops.
Requires some body control to hook oneself in. It is recommended to have a spotter standing by in case one needs assistance.
Don't do it when you have health problems! Or consult a doctor first.

Batstraps sample hanging techniques

Getting ready
Getting into position to hook in
Hooking in
Hanging with with wrist grip
Hands in overhand grip
Relaxed full body suspension
3 limbs hanging (left arm extended)
3 limbs hanging (right leg extended)
Diagonal hanging (right leg/left arm)
Diagonal hanging (right arm/left leg)
Parallel hanging (right leg/left arm)
Parallel hanging (left arm/left leg)


How to put on the duvide Batstraps

1. Position on widest part of foot
2. Position heel pad
3. Pull outer end under ball of foot
4. Pull other end through
5. Cross ends over instep and tighten
6. Cross red rope over Achilles tendon
7. Pull red ropes through opposing orange loops
8. Start squareknot: right over left
9. Finish squarknot: left over righ

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