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  • Shipping with Thailand Post using "Small Packets" (up to 2 kg, airmail, trackable)
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  • Aluminum pedals with diagonal pedal-straps to use with regular trainers (preferable shoes with slim and stiff sole and little profile)
  • Can be tied up with a single knot, loose ends are to be secured in sleeves
  • Easy to slip in and out
  • By slightly turning the foot to the inside the grip tightens for strong pedal-pull
  • Leave no marks on shoes like aluminum clips
  • Pedal-straps can be replaced
  • For all bicycles as main pedals or substitute pedals for non-cleated shoes (helps if you suffer from burning or numb feet)
  • Machine-washable (without pedals)


Straps: 50 mm & 25 mm Nylon webbing combination + 19 mm pipe rope for tying up with single knot
Pedals: Aluminum with regular ball bearings
Pedal threads: 9/16' x 20 tpi
Weight: 0.35 kg
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