Compact and durable weight vest (8 kg / 12 kg) filled with lead-shot - with adjustable shoulder-straps

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duvıde Bodyload

  • Lashing system can be tied up by a single knot
  • Allows for settling in (like a shoe with laces) - simple loosening or tightening on the spot
  • Lead is used to fill the duvide Bodyload (highest density of any metal for a reasonable price)
  • Weight is evenly balanced between chest & back
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable to allow high center of gravity for maximum range of motion for arms and core
  • Filling weight (lead-shot) conforms to body shape
  • 8 kg version with lead in a felt pouch for even more smoothness
  • Tight fit without tottering - handstand push-ups possible
  • Open construction allows breathing and prevents heat accumulation
  • All parts are durable & low maintenance - can be dropped and is washable



Weight compartment: Fabric re-enforced heavy-duty drainage hose, UV-resistant

Lashing system: Pipe rope to fasten with knots (no Velcro or buckles)

Bolts: M5 stainless steel

Weight: BL8: 8 kg (Lead-shot in felt pouch) BL12: 12 kg (Lead-shot)

Bodyload sample images

Handstand push-ups

How to strap on the duvide Bodyload (video will soon to be followed)

1. Pull over the head with 3 compartment-part in front
2. Slip shoulders and arms through gray rope
3. Adjust and tighten ropes
4. Pull through orange loops in back
5. Tighten hose-pipe rope
6. Tighten knot around vertical orange rope, square-knot optional
Ready to go!

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