Lightweight Sling/suspension trainer consisting only of loops - no pesky buckles or velcro

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duvıde Combiloops

  • By folding and combining loops almost every length from 180 cm to 285 cm can be adjusted
  • Each side always having the same length without fine tuning (no buckles or velcro)
  • System offers great flexibility for many training scenarios
  • Lightweight design and softness of material make Combiloops perfect for travel and on-the-go training (door anchor available)
  • Hand-loops sling around wrists by supporting grip to help with certain exercises e.g. pulling, rotations, etc.
  • Whole set machine washable at 30 ºC
  • Different grip attachments available



1 Red loop: ca. 25 cm (anchor loop 1)

1 Green loop: ca. 50 cm (anchor loop 2)

2 Dark gray loops: ca. 75 cm

2 Light gray loops: ca. 100 cm

2 Black loops: ca. 30 cm (hand/foot loops)

Weight: 0.4 kg

Combiloops sample exercises

Suspended jack-knife
Single leg squat
Triceps press
Suspended push-ups

How to join the loops


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