Elastic kicking resistance - with center rope to avoid tripping

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duvıde Kickbungee

  • Kickbungee offers a unique way to train resisted kicks, e.g. the Muay-Thai push-kick (Teep) or Karate sidekicks, etc.
  • Outer thighs and hips can be strengthened by lifting legs sideways
  • Foot loops to ty up with square-knot, no velcro!
  • Bungee can be replaced
  • No getting feet caught in the bungee by tying the center pipe rope through the drawstring of your pants



Bungee: Ø 6 mm, multiple threads, sheathed

Sizes: S <150 cm Body-height   M <165 cm BH   L <180 cm BH   XL <195 cm BH   XXL <210 cm BH

Weight: 0.18 kg

Kickbungee sample kicks

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