Slip-in harness for full-body hip rotations and body floating - incl. loops and carabiners

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Specify which size (28", 29", 30", 31", 32", 33", 34", 35", 36") at the

duvıde Limbobelt

  • Allows 360-degree rotation around body axis
  • Offers unique back stretching and relaxing
  • Activates blood circulation
  • Sinking the body into the Limbobelt tightens it
  • Loops need to be attached to two anchor points about 3 m high (ceiling or bar)
  • Length of loops needs to be adjusted (no velcro, no buckles) that the carabiners are at chest height
  • Additional use as weight-belt to attach duvide Grapplebags

Limbobelt w/ carabiners
Complete set
Joint w/ carabiner
Combine pipe rope samples

Combine loops for length
Attach second loop
Full limbo
Vertical hang
Vertical hang
Half limbo

Specifications Limbobelt

Available sizes: 30" to 36" (72 cm to 92 cm) hip circumference

Maximum supported body-weight: 95 kg

2 Red loops: ca. 25 cm

2 Dark grey loops: ca. 75 cm

2 Light grey loops: ca. 100 cm

Weight: ca. 0.5 kg (including loops)

Alternative use as attachment belt for weights (Grapplebag, weight plates) to train loaded pull-ups

Attach 1
Attach 2
Pull-up 1
Pull-up 2

Limbobelt sample hangin' (in there)

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