Real rope suspension trainer with foot cradle - including free workout programs

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duvıde Pullpushrope

  • Simple and intuitive suspension trainer for body-weight exercises and stretching for flexibility
  • Many different grips variations & positions possible on a long rope
  • Superior functionality regarding rotations (compared to double handles)
  • No complicated switching to "single handle mode necessary
  • Length easily adjustable by tying up square-knot at included pipe-rope anchor

With pipe rope extension
Foot cradle
Adjust length w/ pipe-rope (front)
With carabiner


Rope: Ø 25 mm Manila rope for secure grip (M = 120 cm / L = 150 cm)

Foot-cradle: 50 mm Nylon-Webbing

Accessories: U-anchor, stainless steel carabiner, extra extension loop

2 sizes: M for anchor point ca. 180 - 210 cm high / L for anchor point ca. 210 cm - 240 cm high

Weight: ca. 0.75 kg

Pullpushrope image gallery 2

Pullpushrope Workouts: For the PDF-file click here. For the countdown-timer click here.

Wo #1
Wo 2#
Wo #3
Wo #4
Wo #5
WO #6
Countdown-timer as video file

Pullpushrope Techniques

Side lunge
Toes-up side lunge
Overhead squat
Squat with overhead stretch
Single-leg squat
Crossing side lunge
Single-leg squat with hop
Abducted Balance lunge
Suspended lunge
Balance lunge with hop
Balance lunge
Suspended lunge with hop
Suspended abducted lunge
Overhead torso twist
Wide torso rotation
Suspended crossing lunge
Rope rowing
Standing hip pull-push
Incline rope climbing
Rope paddling
Standing pull-down
Asymmetric biceps pull
Single-arm chest pull
Single-arm neck pull
Single-arm deltoids pull
Single-arm long body pull
Standing roll-out
Throw-in pull-push
Rope towing
Pull through
Neck pull
Suspended kick-flex
Single-arm chest push
Single-leg plank
Single-leg pull-through
Side plank with reach
Horizontal pull-push plank
Side plank with hip push
Suspended donkey pull-push
Horizontal pull-push & crunch
Suspended clap push-up
Single-leg single-arm plank
Suspended single-leg push-up
Suspended push-up
Suspended crunch on hands
Suspended push-up & crunch
Suspended inclined leg-down push-up
Suspended push-up & crunch
Suspended jack-knife
Suspended incline push-up
Cross leg & hip stretch
Calf stretch
Suspended pendulum
Long torso-twist stretch
Lower back stretch
Side leg stretch
Frontal leg stretch
Neck & shoulder stretch
Short torso-twist stretch

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