Easy to jump true heavy rope for jumping & swinging for total body training - including duvide Ropehanger

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duvıde Ropejumprope

  • Combines jumping rope with battling ropes (sort of) challenging whole body - plus coordination!
  • intense workout - best done in intervals.
  • Requiring more upper body strength than any weighted rope due to the longish rope and the strong pull of centrifugal force (but weighs only 0.7 kg).
  • Thick (3.1 cm) middle-section forces to jump higher than with a thin rope.
  • Gets as close as possible to jump with a thick Manila rope, minus rolling up of itself due to center swivel of handles.
  • Allows for many techniques being jumped forward or backward in addition to swinging exercises.
  • Simple handling feels like jumping in slow-motion to easily practice more advanced techniques & coordination.
  • Length of rope can be quickly adjusted to fill all body heights.
  • Rope handles with extra webbing for a solid grip with even sweaty hands.
  • Can be packed up compactly and stored and carried around without clutter by using included Ropehanger.
  • Extra durable PVC hose middle-section for food and floor contact which can be replaced.
  • Combined rope/PVC middle section comes in three sizes for more or less pull when working out with it (depending more on your preference how heavy you want it than on your body height, even M size is good for an athlete of ca. 210 cm body height).

Ropejumprope incl. Ropehanger
Swivel & buckle to adjust length
3 middle-sections (M, L, XL)
Many Techniques


Length & Weight Ropejumprope M L XL
Middle section 85 cm 100 cm 115 cm
Max. length (up to center of rope handle) 295 cm 310 cm 325 cm
Min. length (up to center of rope handle) 215 cm 230 cm 245 cm
Weight 0.66 kg 0.66 kg 0.70 kg


More duvide Ropejumprope images

Compact tie-up with Ropehanger
Joint rope & PVC hose
Joint rope & pipe rope
Compact package on Ropehanger
10 Workouts


How to tie up the Ropejumprope with the Ropehanger

Position PVC betw. green rope & orange loop
Pull green rope through orange loop
Lead green rope around one handle & pull through lower orange loop
Squeeze 2. handle between orange loops & tie green ropes together
Finish with square knot


Ropejumprope Workouts - for the complete Info click here

Workout # 1 - IS 18
Workout # 2 - IS 19
Workout # 3 - IS 20
Workout # 4 - IS 21.5
Workout # 5 - IS 22
Workout # 6 - IS 22.5
Workout # 7 - IS 23
Workout # 8 - IS 23.5
Workout # 9 - IS 24
Workout # 10 - IS 25


Ropejumprope Techniques Images - for the complete video list click here

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